Security Companies in Vancouver securing homes and commercial establishments with state of the art security

The security companies in Vancouver are involved in a number of security services these days. The rising crime rate in residential, commercial and industrial places has increased the importance of professional security companies. Professional security guards from the premier security agencies make use of security practices and technology to minimize trespassing, security breaches and round the clock monitoring. Security companies are entrusted with these tasks in Vancouver.

Functions of security agencies in Vancouver are not limited to a set of predefined responsibilities. While choosing a security service company, you should pick a company like Forefront Security. These companies offer a variety of security services not restricted to:

Authorized Access

To start with, it is mandatory that only authorized people are allowed to enter premises like industrial storage areas, server rooms, office godowns, stores, corporate events, and political functions. In addition, authorized access level security is required at the entrance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Forefront Security offers dedicated security services in Abbotsford.

Analysis and Deployment of security cameras & video surveillance

Forefront Security deploys security only after doing a Reiki of the building. The modern security appliances used by this security company in Vancouver works hard to prepare security plans to ensure full proof surveillance. Surveying the site, deploying adequate manpower and set up the digital network to handle the patrolling part is important for the job.

Round the Clock Patrolling

Corporate offices, hotels and other buildings of strategic importance remain open 24 hours a day and need professional security from a company like Forefront Security Inc. We secure buildings and premises with state of the art cameras, video recordings, and GPS trackers. Our staff provides end to end security services in Abbotsford.

Security Guards

Transfer of cash needs to be minimized from risks and need surveillance. Corporate houses and banks need proper security services to minimize risks. Transfer of money from the bank to ATM is a possible risk zone along with industrial storage houses. Forefront Security Inc offers end to end security officers for the following zones

  •  Construction Sites
  •  Retail Stores
  •  Apartment Buildings
  •  Shopping Centers
  •  Industrial Facilities
  •  Property Management
  •  Hotels Facilities
  •  Trucking Companies
  •  Maintenance & Storage
  •  School Facilities


GPS Tracking

Forefront Security Inc offers specialized GPS tracking devices to monitor shifts and minimize laxness in the productivity of workers. Through our GPS trackers, one can easily track the movement and activities of a worker in a given shift. The same tracking can be monitored by supervisors. We ensure safe and well-managed shifts.

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